MBL, Inc. is recognized as one of the leading worldwide gravity and magnetic geophysical consulting and service firms in oil and gas exploration.  Mark B. Longacre, founder and president, has more than 20 years of experience providing MBL’s clients with maximum insight; employing fully integrated geological and geophysical solutions to oil and gas exploration. The main objective of all the specialized acquisition, processing, and interpretation techniques is risk-reduction and prospect enhancement with a better understanding of the subsurface geology. MBL has been directly involved in over 1,000,000 line kilometers of high-resolution aeromagnetic (HRAM) data acquisition, processing, and interpretation.





A focused and cost effective acquisition program produces an optimum interpretation.


            Survey design and planning:

                        Pre-survey flight path analysis and drape altimeter profiles.

                        Geological input to determine most effective line spacing and direction.

                        Forward modeling for signature typing and spectral processing.


            Cost and benefit analysis:

                        Reduce costs by not “over-flying” with too tight of line spacing.

Specific analysis to make sure survey can aid in exploration effort.      


            On-site quality control:

                        Extensive testing for proper survey altitude.

                        Detailed QC of Figure of Merit (FOM) and compensation flights.

                        Spectral radiometric testing and calibration flights.

                        Real-time signal-to-noise analysis with tight specifications on noise envelop.

                        Determine if acquired data is consistent with survey specifications and objectives.




Geophysical data is processed, imaged, and mapped with full awareness and instinctive understanding of geological constraints.


            QC analysis:

                        Daily data reduction, processing and mapping while survey is in-progress.

                        Constant analysis to make sure survey data is within all specifications.


            Reduction of field data:

Complete survey data reduction software on laptop computer.

Daily data reduction with real-time line leveling.

Email daily maps to clients with production reports and QC statistics.


            Data enhancement and anomaly isolation:

                        Full suite of proprietary and commercial state-of-the-art data enhancement software.

Direct geologic input into enhancement process.



            Image processing and map composition:

                        Complete map production software.

                        Input all image files and data types.

                        Output results into any format including Landmark and Geoquest workstations.




Integrating geophysics and geology inherently reduces the risks involved in oil and gas exploration.


            Structural and stratigraphic analysis:

                        Comprehensive integration of all available geological and geophysical project data.

                        Constant communication with explorationists for geological input.


            Interactive modeling:

                        Complete 2, 2-½, 3-dimensional forward and inverse modeling software.

                        Direct input of seismic images, surface geology and well logs into modeling.

                        Gross input and output of models between seismic processing software.


            Magnetic depth estimates:

                        Equivalent point source proprietary depth interpretation.

                        Euler 3-D and Werner 2-D interactive real-time depth analysis.

                        Proprietary edge detection software for mapping contacts.


            Integrated geological interpretations:

                        Interpretation is completely linked with client’s exploration team.

                        Full integration of all other geophysical and geological data into interpretation.

                        All analysis is tied back to the geology.

                        Sensitivity analysis so exploration staff knows limits of interpretation.

                        Presented in a form easily understood by exploration geologists and geophysicists.





MBL is committed to delivering fully integrated services based on the changing needs and climate of your project.  We emphasize the importance of gravity and magnetic techniques, in tandem with traditional seismic methods, to offer an independent, yet valuable source of information on subsurface geology as it relates to oil and gas exploration.


Lastly, MBL takes pride in establishing confidence and trust with our clients.  We believe in and are dedicated to the fundamentals of strong ethics and integrity as the cornerstone of all business relationships. 


We look forward to working with you.