MBL is recognized as one of the leading geophysical consulting and service firms in exploration today. Our staff offer extensive experience in hydrocarbon and mineral exploration. Our project scope includes management of new data acquisition, real-time (including on-site) quality control data acquisition and field verification. Full processing and presentation of potential field data sets, and integrated solid geological mapping and structural interpretation are emphasized. We provide services to over 40 clients worldwide.

Cutting edge software systems, both third party and in-house advancements, are used in developing new methods to support enhanced interpretations. Gravity and magnetic techniques complement seismic methods and offer an independent source of information on subsurface geology.

MBL increases the value of our clients' exploration through the timely integration of geophysics and geology.


MBL inc.'s mission is to deliver high quality and completely integrated gravity and magnetic services to oil and gas companies. Our vision is to continue as a partner of choice in serving our clients with maximum insight to their exploration projects worldwide.

We are committed to:

-      Delivering integrated services based on changing needs, adding value to clients' projects.

-      Advancement by encouraging flexibility and improvement through technological innovation, while actively maintaining the benefits of experience and stability.

-      Establishing clients' confidence by remaining dedicated to strong ethics and integrity, which are fundamental to trust in all business relationships.